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Fast, easy, comfortable! this is a game changer, I can literally do whatever I want when getting my baby's lanch ready!

Wearable Breast Pump

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  • Double-sealed flange pumps faster
  • Quiet & discreet
  • Accurate timer function

Pump More, Torture Less, and Leak None

With an upgraded double-sealed flange design compared to the normal single-flange ones, this S12 Pro wearable breast pump can snug tighter and closer to your breasts to not only pump more efficiently but also prevent milk leaking effectively. So soft as a baby’s lips, so collecting as a baby’s mouth, our S12 Pro wearable breast pump give moms that “barely-there” all-around comfort fit, and a spa-level pumping experience.

Bullet Image 1 Easy to use, wash & clean

Long Battery Life

You can charge this S12 Pro portable breast pump fully within 130 mins for 7/8 pumping sessions (aka 240 minutes), which can cover your whole day’s outdoor activities. Made of BPA-free food-grade silicone, safe for you, and also for your baby.


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