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"Since I got this touchless thermometer, tracking my baby's temperature has become an easy and accurate process! 10/10"

Touchless Thermometer

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  • Accurate & fast measure
  • No more inconvenient methods
  • Detect diseases earlier!
  • Can measure bottle temps and more..


Measure temperature accurately with a touch of a bottom.

Not measuring your kid’s temperature accurately can lead to misleading information about their health status, and the worst part? it leads to inappropriate medical interventions.

Unlike other products, The Touchless Thermometer infrared technology makes sure your kid’s temperature will be monitored accurately within seconds, so you can have a piece of mind that your kid is always monitored properly and healthy.

Bullet Image 1 Easy to use & 100% waterproof

No more inconvenient, painful manual methods.

We all know how hard is it to measure your kid's temperature… 

The Touchless Thermometer offers multiple effective, and painless ways to measure temperature, whether your kid’s awake or asleep so you can know your kid’s temperature anytime, which will save you time and effort with other Thermometers.


Bullet Image 1 No beeping sound when measuring

Detect diseases earlier, and treat them better.

By monitoring your kid’s temperature, you could check if they’re sick before the disease hits!

which means they will relieve their poor health condition faster and easier.

Bullet Image 1 Requires two AA+ batteries

Handy when checking bottle temperatures, and more…

The Touchless thermometer is not only made for humans!

you can also monitor baby bottles, room temperatures, and more! which makes the Touchless Thermometer a multi-function device for any type of heat measurement need.

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recommended and endorsed by doctors

The newest version of the nasal aspirator has been throughly tested and endorsed by Apediatricians, Orthopedists, Internists, Neurologists, and Neurosurgeons.

Don't fall for cheap knock-offs.




Very expensive

100% Accuracy

Not accurate

Tracks health condition

False tracking

Recommended by chiropractors


touchless & easy to use


lasts a lifetime

Breaks within days usually

Money back guarantee

no guarantee


269,555+ happy parents ❤️️

  • Of parents find it more accurate and useful then rectal thermometers.
  • Of parents reported they could get a reading while their child is asleep (without waking them up)
  • Of parents reported their baby loves it compared to other thermometers.

* Results according to clinical/consumer studies. For more information refer to each product page.

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