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"My biggest fear was to cut my baby using traditional clippers, using this made the process 10 times easier and he loves it!"

Ellachy nail clipper

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  • Save your baby from self harm
  • replace anxiety with our nail clipper
  • No more harmful manual methods


Cut your baby's nails effortlessly & save them from scratches.

Babies nails are like razor blades! Unfortunately, infants can easily scratch and cut their own delicate skin while happily waving their hands and feet because they lack muscle control,

which can lead to hurting not only their super soft skin, but their eyesight. 

The Ellachy clipper offers a different solution to cut your baby's nails within moments by using rotational force only so your baby's nails will stay flat which will keep him safe, forever. 

Bullet Image 1 Easy to use, wash & clean (no filters)

The danger behind traditional nail clippers.

Over 78% of parents using traditional nail clippers reported they cut their baby's skin and make them bleed at some point or their nails will not cut at all but bend, not talking about the hassle of using them.

The Ellachy clipper works by gently taking off small pieces of your baby's nails using 6 different nail files so it will fit your baby without getting in touch with his skin, which will save you time, effort, and most importantly - your baby's pain.

Replace fear with an eye catching device.

babies often afraid of the nail cutting process and prefer to keep them (not an option), the Ellachy clipper comes with a favorable look at your baby's eyes and makes sure that not only he will not be afraid, but love the process! so he will be kept in place results in an easier solution.

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